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Feeling overwhelmed by the task of the Great Commission? Wondering what your part in it looks like?

Missions Cultivators, Chuck and Wilma, can help. Their passion for missions and joint backgrounds provide an expertise that can help you figure out what missions can look like in the context of
the local church.

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Chuck & Wilma Lormis

Who we are.



 Chuck grew up in Pekin, IL. Prior to receiving missionary appointment, he served for  36 years in a variety of pastoral roles, including lead, executive, associate, youth, evangelism, and missions. His expertise includes developing and training in discipleship, education and missions. For nine years he helped lead inner-city outreach endeavors in Chicago and East St. Louis. He has led missions teams to Latin America for over 12 years. He also taught at-risk junior & senior high school students for more than 19 years. Chuck has authored two books, Cultivating Christian Character and I Am. He and his first wife served in ministry together for 41 years until June of 2014, when she died suddenly while on a mission trip.



Wilma grew up in Ravenna, OH. She's been in ministry since 1984, with 25 of those years serving as a missionary.  Throughout her ministry career, her roles have included pastor's wife, missionary, chaplain, professor and mentor.  She's been involved in women’s ministry, leadership training, leading teams, as well as helping develop and implement community transformation projects in various countries. Her work in missions began in the country of Madagascar where she and her family served 9 years until a family crisis brought them home. After a hiatus of stateside ministry, Wilma again traveled as a missionary to many other countries in Central and Latin America, Africa and Asia.  ​​She has also authored a book titled
Obedience: Is it Worth it?.  



 Chuck & Wilma Lormis have been involved in missions in some form or fashion for most of their ministry lives. Although they had known each other through ministry venues for more than 20 years, it wasn't until April 2015 that God began to direct their paths together.  They officially joined forces September 5, 2015, when they became husband and wife to serve Jesus and make Him known.  They both share a passion for missions, believing that missions is not simply a program of the Church, rather, Missio Dei (the mission of God).   Therefore the mission of God should be integrated in everything the Church does.

Our belief.

If everyone does their part...

Missions is the heartbeat of God. The Great Commission was given to the Church for the express purpose of taking the gospel to every person - to every tribe, every tongue, every nation, everywhere. And while the first priority for the local church is to reach its community for Christ, it is not its only priority.

We believe that every church needs to be involved in praying for missions, sending out missionaries, and going as missionaries. If every church does its part, and if every believer does his or her part, the gospel will be spread throughout the world. People will be saved, lives will be changed, churches will grow, and Jesus will be glorified.

Our goal is to help grow missions in the local church. Whether it is increasing giving to missions, organizing prayer for missions, establishing missions awareness teams to assist the pastor in promoting missions, developing local outreach, or sending teams to other parts of the country or the world, we want to help. This is our calling! This is our heart! This is our mission!